Kildn – First Zero Emission Free Port

Kildn will be the world’s first zero emission port for international, national and local passenger traffic and turning port for cruise ships, home port for fjord tourism and for the regional blue urban water shuttles. See website.

8th May 2020 Kildn was digitally presented. The concept is designed by COWI. Håkon Iversen, who was responsible for designing the vision and architectural design concept. Kildn is one of the most ambitious port development projects in Norway and have a potential international scaling value which is compared to another similar project unique.

The whole concept is built on the idea of being 100 percent off grid, self-sustained on energy and not reliable on land-based infrastructure. It is a project that brings the waterways back as primary infrastructure, requiring full electrification and pushing technology to the utmost.

Infracity was commissioned to do all renderings and animations for the project.


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