InfraCity AI is new breed. The company was established to meet the future demand for skillsets and technology fused into new and innovative templates for designing cities where the Whole is crucial for success. The InfraCity model combining City, Building, People and Technology into one is strengthened by Our inspiration from the Greek Uroboros and Norrøn Midgaardsormen, biting it selves in his tale to form a closed circle.

We have our own version:

KRINS, an old norse word for a participatory circle, draws on core Scandinavian values such as “naboskap” (the comraderie of neighbours), “dugnad” (collaborative community efforts) and “samspill” (co-creation with equality) and bringing them into a connected world. Through KRINS all stakeholders is given a place where their voice can be heard in a uniquely democratic fashion.

Infracity about us infographic

How we work

Rather than seeing the world divided into silos, Infracity take charge and combine the four major elements defining cities into one entity, and pull down all walls to cross and interact.

Infracity how we work infographic