Ågotnes 2040

2027 stands out as a current year for final establishment, says port director Johnny Breivik. They envisage a gradual relocation to Ågotnes from Dokken in the city center of Bergen, However, they are clear that they cannot establish themselves on Ågotnes until the Sotra connection is finished.

A freight port on Ågotnes fits well with the zero-emission visions for the Port of Bergen. The new port could become a freight hub in the region, and it will be facilitated for zero-emission sea transport between the hubs Ågotnes and industry and other local ports in the district. It will also provide an improved access to Europe compared to existing solution.

Ågotnes will be one of the first emission-free ports in Europe. Infracity helped the Port of Bergen to complete a vision and animated film about how the new port at Ågotnes will be planned and might look like.


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