Janaflaten 22

The Infracity method applies also to how we renew and transform existing brown commercial office buildings and warehouses, into green and smart, using Proptech. In Bergen we have for the moment transformed two commercial buildings with Propetch.

Janaflaten 22, located west of Bergen is a 4000 m2 warehouse, partly with mezzanine. Building year was 1996 and renewed in 2014. Estimated energy class C. All rooms are sprinkled, with balanced ventilation and cooling, air to water heating system. On top a central facility system, but all data were local.

In 2020-21 we installed following sensors with data collection to the cloud, to monitor the performance and achieving insights.

  • Monitoring indoor air quality; radon, temperature, CO2, TVOC. See website.
  • Monitoring energy consumption per second. See website.
  • Monitoring air pressure indoor vs outdoor – to adjust the ventilation system. See website.
  • Water sensor under the boiler, door sensors (how many times are the doors opened during the day), fridge sensor, temperature sensors on the ventilation system to monitor the regeneration coefficient. See website.
  • Scanned total indoor area with to establish an accurate BIM. See website.

Digital Twin: All sensor data are connected to the BIM – and the Digital Twin presents live data in a dashboard.


Janaflaten displays a very good regeneration of heat. Performed energy class were B during the cold winter and A the rest of the year. Collection of insight in all technical systems. We may start to have service by demand and not by the calendar. We plan to expand the area and build 2000 new m2 next year, and the digital twin will be essential in the projecting phase.


We will conduct a drone photographing of the exterior with temperature i.e scan, detecting temperature leaks and getting exact gps points – see website. We will monitor the sprinkler system, automatic check air and water pressure, and weekly alarm check development. See website.


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